Understanding Right Fit Dogs

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Understanding Right Fit Dogs

Understanding Right Fit Dogs

Latest Arrivals in Pet Crates, Gates and Play Pens

Dog fences, crates, play pens and pet gates are great ideas to keep the pets contained in a specific room or area. While some act as training aids, others are great travel accessories. Here are a few top picks for the season:

Fold-able Pet Fence – There are many kinds of fences in the foldable category but this one is the fold-able category. It is not a typical cage but transparent sheets which can be clasped to each other. Build a square shaped pen or a rectangle shaped fence, pet parents can build the smallest to the largest play pen for their pets. The transparent design allows better visibility for both the pets and their parents. A separate room can be created for pets with special needs or different compartments can be made for different pets.

Outdoor Dog Kennel with Roof – Those who are tired of those weak and insubstantial panels and fences, this dog kennel will do a good job. This might be a DIY kennel but once installed it is definitely not portable. So, pet parents might want to find a nice spot outside in the backyard, garden or patio to fix this one. The kennel is very sturdy and also offers maximum security for the pet. The pets can be left here when everyone is out for work or shopping. It also comes with a gate for ease of access and added security.

Retractable Mesh Gate – Not all homes are equipped to accommodate a play pen no matter how foldable and portable they are. Some pet parents just need their pets to stay away from certain areas in a home such as a terrace, laundry room, kitchen or home office. They can simply fix this retractable gate either to the doors or stairs. The mesh keeps the pets from entering the said room or area. This is an affordable solution and mostly suits pets that are obedient and well trained.

Pop-Up Play Pen – This one is a little too different from its counterparts. There is no hardware needed and no heavy panels required. This pen pops up just like a pop up tent and makes it the best outdoor shelter for pets especially for camping. It also has ventilation panels and is weather resistant. It is great for camping trip, holidays, vacations, hotel room stays and when visiting family or friends in other places. It also comes with a carrying case to carry it along with the luggage.

This store features bowls & feeders, beds, carriers & travel gear, clothing & accessories, condos & scratchers, crates, pens, gates, grooming & trimming, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, training aids and more. We love our pets and know that you love your as well. least we can do is make them happy and comfortable. We hope you find something here that you and your furry friend will enjoy. Thank you for reading my blog"Understanding Right Fit Dogs". See you soon. whoof whoof.

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