10'x10'x8.5' Tent Shed

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10'x10'x8.5' Tent Shed 

suitable for:: Household, Wedding, Party, Parking Shed

Weight:: 18.74 lbs

Waterproof:: Yes

Type: Gazebos

Top Cloth Material:: 90G/M2 PE

Tent Structure:: Single Tent

Sail Material: Iron Tube & PE Cloth

Model Number: 51280911

Material:: Iron Tube & PE Cloth

Height of Top:: 100.39"

Height of Side:: 79" / 200cm

Frame Material: IRON

Dimensions:: (10' x 10' x 8.5') (L x W x H)

Color:: White

10'x10'x8.5' Tent Shed

Gazebo Shelter


Tent, a commonly seen gadget in our daily life, has wide applications, such as parking, wedding, camping, party and so on. If you are in need of a portable and practical tent, you can try this 10x10 Three Sides Waterproof Tent! This tent provides spacious room for accommodating many people. Its high-grade PE cloth top and iron tubes together with delicate workmanship ensure good structure and ruggedness. Consisting of fully-equipped accessories, this assembly tent is convenient for daily carry. How do you like this offer?                                                                                                     


1. An assembled tent, consist of necessary accessories

2. High-class PE cloth top and iron tubes, smart workmanship and reasonable design

3. With outstanding waterproof performance, can be used outdoors

4. Large space for accommodating many people and stuffs

5. It is suitable for wedding, camping, parking and other parties

6. Easy to assemble

7. Spiral interface between the tubes makes overall frame more stable                                                                                                     


1. Material: Iron Tube & PE Cloth

2. Color: White

3. Tube: Φ24/18/0.45/0.45 mm

4. Top Cloth Material: 90G/M2 PE

5. Dimensions: (10 x 10 x 8.5)

6. Weight: 17.63 lbs

7. Waterproof: Yes

8. Tent Structure: Single Tent

9. Height of Side: 79" / 200cm

10. Height of Top: 100.39" / 255cm

11. Suitable for: Household, Wedding, Party, Parking Shed                                                                             

10'x10'x8.5' Tent Shed Package Includes:

1 x Tent

1 x User's Manual                                                                              



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