Designer Cat Box

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Designer Cat Box

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Type: cats

from: Happypetssupply

Model Number: 2

Material:: E1 MDF Board

Material: E1 MDF Board

Feature: Semi-closed

Dimensions:: (33.85 x 21 x 20.8)" / (86 x 53.5 x 53)cm (L x W x H)

Color:: Brown/White

Designer Cat Box

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE: In the entrance and exit as a shoe-changing stool; as a side table beside the sofa in the living room; as a nightstand in the bedroom;and always have a place to store your litter box!

PET ACCESSIBLE: A small entryway is built into the side of the cabinet with an internal divider; give your pet easy and instant access to their litter box while the divider reduces the spread of loose litter by creating an extra barrier

HIDES YOUR LITTER BOX: Maintain a tasteful and tidy living space as this enclosure accommodates most litter box sizes and reduces the spread of offending odors; simply remove the divider to fit larger litter boxes

STRAIGHTFORWARD SETUP AND EASY CLEANUP: Have this kitty enclosure assembled in about an hour with all the tools you need included. Take advantage of the magnetic cabinet doors for easy access to the litter box and quick cleanup


1. Solid and durable board, with great quality

2. Easy installation


1. Material: E1 MDF Board

2. Color: White

3. Dimensions: (33.85 x 21 x 20.8)" / (86 x 53.5 x 53)cm (L x W x H)

Designer Cat Box

Package Includes:

1 x Litter Box Enclosure

1 x English User's Manual

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